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The German Wikipedia publishes several pages on persons of general interest from the Brehmer family:

The first generations

Johann Julius Walbaum (1724–1799), Nikolaus Hinrich's father-in-law

Nikolaus Hinrich Brehmer (1765−1822)

Heinrich Brehmer (1800−1872)

Wilhelm Brehmer (1828−1905)

Line Adolf Brehmer

Heinrich Lomer (1812–1875), Adolph Brehmer's father-in-law

Adolph Brehmer (1840−1904)

Adolf Paul (1863–1943), Adolph Brehmer's son-in-law

Alen Müller-Hellwig (1901−1993)

Line Hugo Brehmer:

Hugo Brehmer (1844−1891)

Gebrüder Brehmer (Hugo and August)

Tilman Krischer (1931−2013)

Selected personalities linked to the Brehmers by marriage

Friedrich Daniel Behn (1734–1804)

Hermann Friedrich Behn (1767–1846)

Georg Heinrich Behn (1773–1855)

Johann Heinrich Behn (1802–1885)

Heinrich Theodor Behn (1819–1906)

Ludwig Müller (1782–1865)

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