Family Gatherings since 1948 and still every second year

The Brehmer Family :: Fortes Fortuna Adjuvat
The first family gathering (Familientag) was held in 1948, only three years after the end of the Second World War. Since then about thirty such meetings have taken place, during the past decenniums nearly every second year on the last Saturday of September. And always in Lübeck, of course. Here is a list of all these gatherings.

When and where will the next Familientag be? Take a look at the NEWS page.

The images and texts below should offer an impression of the gatherings. For reasons of data protection the names of participants can only be seen on the INTERNAL page (user name and password necessary for gaining access).

Familientag 2021

Familientag 2019

Familientag 2017

Familientag 2015

Familientag 2013

Familientag 2011

Familientag 2009

Familientag 2007

Familientag 2005

Familientag 2003

Familientag 1999

Familientag 1987

Familientag 1985

Familientag 1981

Familientag 1979

Familientag 1970

Familientag 1954

Familientag 1949

Familientag 1948



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