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The earliest members of our family were farming in Mecklenburg, then a region with settlers sent by the Bischop of Bremen. They can be found in archives from about 1600, about one hundred years later many of them move to the city of Lübeck, changing their family name from Bremer to Brehmer. The first generation in Lübeck ran breweries before becoming members of the mercantile community, they studied law and theology and accepted responsibility in the city's government.

The Brehmer family's genealogic tree in the narrower sense starts with the physician and theologian Nikolaus Hinrich Brehmer (1765–1822) in Lübeck. His two sons Heinrich (1800–1872) and Friedrich (1802–1857) give their names to the two stirps. And their sons are the originators of the seven lines: Wilhelm (1828–1905), Ernst (1833–1882), Adolf (1840–1904), Wilhelm Heinrich (1835–1907), Hermann (1837–1897), Hugo (1844–1891) and August (1846–1904). This is also the basis of the grouping of all family members, finally leading to the system of the family archive, also representing the early generations in the village of Rogggenstorf in the province of Mecklenburg and those Brehmers who "emigrated" and settled along the shores of the Lower Elbe.

The seven tables of the lines lead right to the present day. For reasons of data protection they can be accessed on the INTERNAL page by using a user name and a password. Ask the CONTACT to send them to you.

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