The Brehmer Family :: Fortes Fortuna Adjuvat

Soon you will receive the detailed information for the forthcoming familiy meeting, the familientag. Please do not forget to note the date in your calender: 30th September/1st October.


A extraordinary event took place on May 24, the reinstallation of old Nikoalus Hinrich Brehmer's gravestone. I had been erraneously transfered to another cemetery. After its restoration it was now put back to where it once stoodd, at the St. Laurence Cemetery. Gisela Brehmer and her husband had taken great efforts to achieve this against burocratic hazards.


I read from Magdalene (Ala) Brehmer's diary from 1898 to 1900 at the most recent family gathering in September 2019. As her text met with great interest I am now preparing an annotated and illustrated publication. It can go to the printer's as soon as I can get a photo of Ala's tapestry based on her prize-winning design.


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