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The Brehmer family :: Fortes Fortuna Adjuvat

This is the website of the Brehmer family and of all her geneaologic branches and lines in Lübeck, the family's home, and elsewhere.

The genealogic tree of our family starts with Nikolaus Hinrich Brehmer (1765–1822), a physician and theologian in Lübeck, though several generations of his ancestors are known.

The coat of arms of 1784 (on the left), the Brehmers' earliest, is actually that of Hinrich Ulrich Brehmer (born 1735), father of the above-namend Nikolaus Hinrich Br.; it is a reference to the family's earlier occupation in the field of agriculture.

The representation top left on this page represents the family's present coat of arms with the motto FORTES FORTUNA ADJUVAT (fortune favours the strong). It was probably first used by Nikolaus Hinrich Brehmer and is therefore rightly considered that of all family members.

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